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For many years, the process of installing presets in Lightroom was easy and straightforward. All you had to do was set the preset files into the perfect folder to ensure Lightroom could locate them. Butin 2018, Adobe transformed the build presets arrangement in Lightroom which generated a chaos in the photography community. They moved away from the original. Lrtemplate to a new. xmp format. Why? The rationale behind the change was to adapt the presets from Lightroom Classic, Lightroom CC, Photoshop ACR, along with Lightroom Mobile to Enable the presets to be dispersed between the applications through the cloud. In theory, the move appeared logical, but because Adobe butchered the execution, it caused an unnecessary aggravation for several Lightroom users. The fantastic thing is that Adobe fixed most of the bugs and annoyances related to preset management during the summer of 2018. Now, we’ve got a clearer picture of the way to set up and handle presets. The way to Install Presets at Lightroom Classic CC if you’re an Adobe Creative Cloud contributor and you’ve got the most recent version of Lightroom, the practice of installing presets cannot be any easier. We now have the choice to set up Lightroom presets from a zipped archivefile. This usually means that when you download any of those Lightroom presets from my site (free collection One Click Adobe Lightroom Presets Will Transform Your Photography or paid products), you do not have to sew them. You can install them straight into Lightroom within a single step. 1. Back in Lightroom, go to the Develop Module and locate the Presets Panel on the left side. 2. Click the”+” Icon on the right side of the panel and choose the Import Presets option. 3. Navigate to the location on your computer in which you saved the file with the presets, select it and click the Import button. You are finished. Lightroom finds the presets from the new. XMP format, installs themand ignores the remaining files. Please be aware , this procedure only works if you are installing presets from the new. XMP format. If you’re trying to set up the preset in the heritage. Lrtemplate format, you have to manually set the presets into the Develop Placing folder in the Lightroom installation. The good thing is that all my presets come in both formats also you can use the process outlined previously without fretting about the format issue. In case anybody is hoping to install legacy presets to the most recent edition of Lightroom Classic, please follow the actions outlined below. The Way to Install Legacy Presets (. Lrtemplate format) in the Latest Version of Lightroom Classic CC Download the presets and unzip them. Download the presets, unzip them